At AME Systems, service is our number one priority. We focus on building relationships and working together to ensure you receive the customised solutions you’re looking for.

When you work with AME Systems you receive:

A dedicated team of experts assigned to your business.
Involvement in all steps of the process, from design through to testing.
Options to minimise your suppliers and maximise your production efficiency.
Ordering and delivery

You can place an order directly to the Sales Department via email, EDI, fax or mail, with a standard lead time of four weeks for new product orders.

All products are FIS (Free Into Store) for Australian customers and Ex-works for overseas customers unless others agreed.

Component parts can be ordered directly through our sales portal. Delivery timeframes will be confirmed when your order is placed.

Adam Burger

Sales Manager

25+ years experience within the industry. Experience in project management and account management.

Marketing, social media and online sales.

P: (03) 5352 9000

M: 0427 992 850

Martin Van Velzen

Business Development Manager

Experience in account management, sales management and business development.

P: (03) 5352 9000

M: 0409 312 928

Sharon Basset

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Experience in business support, sales, marketing, social media and customer service.

P: (03) 5352 9000

Matthew Spalding

Sales Support

Experience in sales and dispatch.

P: (03) 5352 9000

Scott Barrie

Sales Support Coordinator

Experience in customer service, sales and dispatch.

P: (03) 5352 9000