In conjunction with the opening of Ararat Legacy House in June 2016 the beautification of the garden spaces fronting onto Gordon Street was agreed upon.

Through consultation via the Carthew Family (benefactors to both Ararat Legacy House and the Gardens Project), AME Systems (Vic) Management and Ararat Legacy all agreed that the proposed gardens spaces would need to be sustainable and environmentally acceptable.

Engaging local environmental consultants, Neil & Wendy Marriott from White Gums Australia a concept design which included a selection of 400 indigenous native plants, the use of gravel mulch and water saving resources works got underway.

Together with an enthusiastic band of community volunteers from the Ararat Landcare Group, Ararat College VCAL Students together with Legatees the gardens were planted out and today, just 18 months on we see attractive landscaped garden spaces coming to fruition.

In addition, more recently has seen the installation of Interpretation Signage telling the story of Ararat Legacy and a Legacy “Mother and Child” Abstract Sculpture, both featuring prominently in the gardens. This has been made possible through funding support from the Victorian Government, donations from Legatees and the community.

Today, known as the “Memorial Gardens” the garden is a living memorial to those who served in past wars, and particularly those who became Legatees and have cared for widows and children left behind.

Pleasingly, Legatees and community volunteers regularly assist with the maintenance of garden spaces.